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Benefits of  Dog Daycare


Why would your dog need Daycare?


Daycare offers a multitude of benefits that can make life easier for you while providing your dog with a safe, fun and stimulating environment. Your dog can benefit from being part of a social group in a controlled setting.

If you work long hours or are away from the house it may be helpful for your dog to go daycare, even if you are working from home daycare can be a useful break during the week for your dog.


The Benefits of doggie Daycare

  • Great for social awareness & play

  • Interacting with other dogs in a safe and controlled manner

  • Building confidence in a group setting

  • Alleviates boredom, loneliness and separation anxiety

  • Learn positive behaviours 

  • Group play and one to one care

  • Dogs thrive from routine and at Daycare they can become comfortable knowing what to expect and who they play with

What if my dog is not suitable for Daycare?

Daycare is not suitable for every dog and we understand that.

At The Dog Lounge we assess every dog at an introduction day to ensure suitability for Daycare. At the introduction day we give your dog time to settle and get to know us and their new surroundings. If suitable we will introduce some doggie playmates and assess their interactions.

If your dog is lacking in confidence or nervous of other dogs, it may be something that we can work on with your dog.

However, daycare may prove to be too stressful for them to process their emotions and become overwhelmed. If your dog is over excitable and high energy then a calm home environment may be more suitable than daycare.

If daycare is not suitable for your dog we will inform you at the end of their introduction day.

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