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Boarding Drop Off & Collection times:

Existing Customers Only

** Monday to Sunday 09.30 am **

Drop off & Collection Times : Drop off and collection time is strictly 9.30am.  Monday to Friday collection, there is an option to book into Daycare and collect between 4.00 & 5.45pm, Daycare rate will apply.

This option for late collection is not available Saturday or Sunday.

No Drop Off or Collection available on Bank Holidays.

Payment:  Payment for the full boarding term is required on or before arrival payable by Card, bank transfer or cash only. There is no refund or credit for early holiday returns. All board rates are charged on a calendar night basis and the full period booked will be charged. The Pet Owner further agrees to pay all costs and charges for additional services requested and any emergency veterinary costs for their pet during the time their pet is in our care.

Vaccinations: All dogs must have up to date vaccinations including kennel cough vaccination. No dog will be accepted unless these vaccinations are up to date. Kennel Cough vaccination should be administrated with the yearly boosters. Please remember your pet can not come into our facility for 14 days after receiving the Kennel Cough vaccination as it is a live vaccine and can put other dogs at risk,


Food: The Pet’s own food must be supplied, clearly labelled as to how much is given at each feed. Correct amount of feed only, no large bags of feed, unless required for dogs stay. Our kitchen/food prep area has fridge and freezer facilities to cater for chilled and raw feeds. We are happy to discuss your dogs feeding requirements.


Bedding: Pets own bed/blankets can be brought  but must be clean, washed prior to arrival.  You are welcome to bring any toys/treats that may help settle them in.  We do not require leads or bowls. If pets’ belongings do not make it home with them on the day of departure, we will hold them here for 48 hours only.


Medication: All medication must be in their original, labelled container with vet sticker attached or it will not be administered.

Injuries: If your dog has an injury that requires treatment during their stay it must be discussed with us fully before boarding. An injury assessment form will need to be filled out on to arrival.

Special Requirements: We pride ourselves on being a social boarding facility, however we realise not all dogs may be suited to group play. But don't worry as we carry out a full assessment of your dog on their first day and let them get to know us and their new surroundings before we introduce them into a carefully selected play group. We are happy to discuss your dogs individual needs if you have any concerns. 

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