Day Care

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Our Day-care programme runs daily Monday to Friday from 7.30 – 5.30.  Our day is filled with lots of fun activities, games, treasure hunts and social play for the doggies.  Don’t worry about your dog being overworked, each dog gets plenty of important rest after each play session.  We use our large enclosed grass area and our concrete play area for all games.  We also have an indoor games area with ball pits, puzzle areas, climbers etc.  With all this included, we guarantee your pet a fun filled day.  Don’t be surprised if they hide at the mention of walkies after their day with us, they’ll be happier lounging on the couch that evening!

This is a social play group and all dogs will undergo an initial assessment before being admitted into regular daycare. This is carried out on their first day and allows us to get to know your dog and their needs.

Being part of a social playgroup can be daunting for some dogs.  Don’t worry as we can help out by providing kennel day care. This is where your dog will off lead playtime and lots of cuddles and still have their own area to relax and chill out in. In this environment they can get used to being around different sounds, smells and other dogs in a calm and controlled manner to slowly build their confidence and socialise them in the best way.