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Daycare check in times: from 7.30am–9.30am and Collection is 4.00pm-6.00pm unless otherwise agreed (Closed Bank Holidays).  Late Collection from daycare will incur a €10 charge. Times are strictly as stated.

Bookings that fail to arrive will incur a full Daycare charge of €30.00


Vaccinations: All dogs must have up to date vaccinations including kennel cough vaccination. No dog will be accepted unless these vaccinations are up to date. Kennel Cough vaccination should be administrated with the yearly boosters. Please remember your pet can not come into our facility for 14 days after the vaccination as it is live and can put others at risk, this is for all cases vaccination renewal & first-time vaccines. All dogs must have up to date flea & worm treatment.

Safety notice: Do not enter fenced areas on arrival unless advised to do so.  We have No Admittance signs on gated areas to remind visitors of No entry areas and to ensure the safety of our guests.  All dogs must be on a lead on our premises at check in and collection.  Do not approach or pet other dogs through fenced or gated areas. It is essential that we are alerted to behaviour changes or issues that arise outside of daycare that may affect their comfort and safety while at daycare.


Payment: Payment must be made in advance or on on the first morning of daycare. Any cancelations with less than 24 hours notice will be liable to full payment for that day. 

Food: Your dogs own food must be supplied each day, clearly labelled with your dogs name (including surname). 

All dogs coming into our facility must be neutered.  The pet owner acknowledges that their dog may be mixing with other dogs unless otherwise agreed and that playing with other dogs can sometimes result in wounds, loss of hair etc. Dogs may become dirty as a result of socialising. If your pet becomes ill during daycare with us, we will inform the pet owner and discuss appropriate attention. We cannot be held responsible for injury, illness or other arising during your dogs time in daycare. You dog may go home more tired than normal due to an increase in exercise received in our care. It is recommended dogs who socialise regularly receive worm and flea treatment monthly or as advised by your vet.

If your dog is displaying any signs of injury or illness e.g. upset stomach, cough or other symptoms they must not attend daycare and we must be notified immediately.


Booking and Delivery of your dog to The Dog Lounge Daycare facility constitutes the owners acceptance of the terms and conditions advertised.

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