Terms & Conditions:


Boarding Check-in times: Monday to Saturday strictly 10a.m. and Sunday 11am.

Check-out is 10am on the day of departure Monday to Saturday and Sunday checkout is 11am.

After these times you will incur a full charge for the day. There are strictly NO check in or departure on Bank Holidays.


Day care check in times: from 7.30am–9.30am and Collection is 4.30pm-5.30pm unless otherwise agreed.  Late Collection from day care will incur a €10 charge. Times are strictly as stated.


Vaccinations: All dogs must have up to date vaccinations including kennel cough vaccination. No dog will be accepted unless these vaccinations are up to date. Kennel Cough vaccination should be administrated with the yearly boosters. Please remember your pet can not come into our facility for 14 days after the vaccination as it is live and can put others at risk, this is for all cases vaccination renewal & first-time vaccines. We will also need your pets Microchip Number for our records. All dogs must have flea & worm treatment 2 weeks prior to boarding and regular monthly treatments if in daycare.

Safety notice: Do not enter fenced areas on arrival unless advised to do so.  We have No Admittance signs on gated areas to remind visitors of No entry areas and to ensure the safety of our guests.  All dogs must be on a lead on our premises at check in and collection.  Do not approach or pet other dogs through fenced or gated areas.


Payment: Payment for the full boarding term is required on or before arrival payable by Card, bank transfer or cash only. There is no refund or credit for early holiday returns. All boarding rates are charged on a calendar night basis and the full period booked will be charged. The Pet Owner further agrees to pay all costs and charges for additional services requested and any emergency veterinary costs for their pet during the time their pet is in our care.

Food: Your Pet’s own food must be supplied, clearly labelled as to how much is given at each feed. Correct amount of feed only, no large bags of kibble, unless required for dogs stay.  Pets own bed can be brought (washed) and any toys/treats that may help settle them in.  We do not require leads or bowls.  Please keep belongings to a minimum. If pets’ belongings do not make it home with them on the day of departure, we will hold them here for 48 hours only.


Medication: We will administer medication on a case by case basis so please check when making a reservation to ensure we can accommodate your request. If we are to administer medication during your dogs stay we will need to be notified to the schedule and provided with adequate supply of the medication for the duration of their stay, all medications must be in their original, labelled container with vet sticker attached.

All dogs coming into our facility must be neutered once over the age of 6 months.  We can take puppies under 6 months unneutered.  The pet owner acknowledges that their dog may be mixing with other dogs unless otherwise agreed and that playing with other dogs can sometimes result in wounds, loss of hair etc. Dogs may become dirty as a result of socialising. The Pet Owner agrees to give permission to allow personal information regarding Owner and Pet to be given to or received from a duly licensed veterinarian. If your pet becomes ill during boarding with us, we will call our local vet and discuss appropriate attention, we will make a reasonable attempt to contact Owner prior to engaging such services when possible. We cannot be held responsible for injury, illness or other arising during your dogs time in boarding. Pets may go home more tired than normal due to an increase in exercise received in our care. Pets may be out of their daily routine when they return home. Please do not exert your pet and stick to their controlled diet to avoid stomach upset. Any concerns about your pet please contact your vet. It is recommended pets who socialise regularly receive worm and flea treatment monthly or as advised by your vet.


Injuries: We must be advised prior to arrival if your dog has an injury. A full assessment of the injury will be carried on arrival and discussed with the owner. If your dog is deemed unsuitable for boarding we will advise accordingly. 


Booking and Delivery of pet to The Dog Lounge Pet Boarding & Day Care facilities constitutes the owners acceptance of the terms and conditions advertised.