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Why choose our dog daycare centre?

We are genuine dog lovers! We care about each and every dog that comes through our door. Our ethos is believing that every dog should have a happy and enjoyable life. We expertly deliver this through our high quality daycare that keeps dogs running to our door each morning.

So why choose us?

We get to know you and your dog at an initial meet and greet and discuss you and your dogs needs. We give you an introduction to who we are and why we do what we do. Here we run through our daily daycare plan and give you an idea of how your dog will spend their day with us. Our meet and greet stage is an important one and enables us to give and initial assessment, we will then advise if we think our daycare is suitable for your dog.

We keep our numbers low and this enables us to properly supervise playtimes. All new dogs get one to one time and may not meet any other dogs on their first daycare day. This approach helps them get to know us and to feel comfortable in their new surroundings before meeting any play pals. All introductions are taken slowly and at the dogs own pace and we make sure they're not overwhelmed by all the new sights, smells and sounds.

All dogs are continuously assessed and any change in behaviour or play habits are noted and relayed to their owner at an end of day consultation. Daycare is not suitable for all dogs and if we think your dog will struggle in this setting we will inform you. We are passionate about every dogs wellbeing and will always be truthful in any aspect of your dogs care.

Our calm and professional approach helps your dog feel comfortable in our presence and they quickly feel at ease. Your dog will have fun and enjoy their day if they are comfortable and happy with their surroundings.

Choose us because we genuinely care!

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