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What to expect on the first day....

Updated: Oct 13, 2021

We aim to make your dogs first day a positive and rewarding experience to build them up for a fun filled holiday stay with us.

Their first day experience will help them to settle, in a fun, rewarding and relaxing atmosphere. This provides great peace of mind for owners who may be nervous about leaving their dogs for their first holiday stay. We aim to reduce the worry and stress involved for owners and pets especially for the first holiday apart.

Throughout the day we spend time getting to know your dog and acclimatise them to their new surroundings. We will send all owners a quick update on how the first day has gone.

We have two boarding options, The Lodge for large dogs and The Den area for small dogs.

1. The Lodge luxury kennel area - 10 purpose built luxury indoor heated kennels

2. The Den social room - A purpose built social Den boarding area.

Here is an example of how we introduce dogs to kennel boarding and our facility.

Firstly we let them listen, take it all in and relax. Out come the treats to build up friendship and trust with us. When we feel its the right time we will introduce the dog to our kennel area. Just a quick walk though followed by more treats and we build this up over the day until they are comfortable to walk in and out of their own accord. If all is going well at this stage we introduce the dog to a designated kennel room. We work towards being able to close the kennel door with your dog happily relaxing on a comfy and cosy bed.

We constantly interpret dogs body language and ensure they are comfortable before moving to the next step.

We continuously assess your dog throughout the day to determine if they are suitable and ready for group play. Social interaction plays a big part in your dogs enjoyment of their holiday with us.

We provide a consult at the end of the stay detailing your dogs holiday and progress.

We truly care about your dog and we can ensure your dog will have a fun-filled holiday stay with us at The Dog Lounge. Our reviews speak for themselves!

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